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We are a company of experienced Health Care Professionals in the field of Human Nutrition and wellness with vast experience working in sizable organization and producing desirable results. Through these and many other initiatives; MiNutrition was able to build system and acquire resources to successfully plan and execute the entire company wellness program and run wellness day’s activities on behalf of the company and its employees. Whilst wellness days are a day’s event, employees wellness is an everyday’s event that requires constant conscious reminder

What wellness may entail

16 Corporate Wellness Ideas and Wellness Activities Any Worksite Can Do

1. Offer Lunch and Learn presentations

When employees are on their lunch breaks, they often just sit in the cafeteria eating their food and socializing with their coworkers. Don’t let this time for your employees go to waste. Use it to educate your employees on how to make healthier food choices and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Some lunch time presentations can use a conference room and live speakers.

In the cafeteria or break room, you can have lunch and learn presentations for the employees while they’re eating their lunch or resting on their break. These presentations can be made via video on a television or monitor that you have in these rooms.


2. Work with HR to offer a financial fitness campaign

Employees often don’t realize how valuable the human resources department in their organization can be for them. HR isn’t just a place where you make complaints or modify your employee record. It can be a place where you make suggestions and share ideas that can help improve the company or the quality of life for its employees.

This is a special type of campaign which helps employees identify their financial goals and gives them access to tools and resources that help them manage their money more responsibly. After all, the financial health of an employee is just as important as their physical and mental health. An employee with a grip on their finances will be a happier employee, which means they’ll be a better worker for the company.

3. Development custom wellness campaigns for a specific topic or healthy workplace initiative

Corporate campaigns are a great way to notify employees about a topic that is important for them to know about. Some examples of these campaigns include health campaigns, financial fitness campaigns, and safety campaigns. However, your company will have a custom wellness campaign on any one of these important topics as it pertains to your work environment. For example, if you own a construction company and you want to develop a custom campaign on safety, the campaign can teach or remind people how to be safe while working on a building. After all, workplace accidents and injuries are fairly common in many job industries. Save your company from having to pay short term or long term disability payments to your employee by having a custom safety campaign that educates them in how to avoid these accidents.

4. Promote your insurance company’s nurse hotline

A lot of employees may have medical aid that is provided through the full-time job they have with their company. Unfortunately, many employees  still don’t have access to a 24-hour nurse hotline which they can call whenever they’re having a health problem. MiNutrition wellness can offer this hotline to companies as a way to help their clients make the right choice for getting treatment. Often times, people will panic and go to the emergency room anytime they don’t feel well. This would help employees not to panic unnecessarily whilst making informed decision and at the same time helps the company because employees wont claim unnecessary leave days.

We do this by having these 24-hour nurse hotlines available to help calm the person down and give them suggestions on how they can get the best help for their problem. Make sure all your employees are aware of the nurse hotline number that corresponds with our services. Added to this services would be the Dietitian who can follow-up on their daily enquiries.

5. Design and conduct customized assessments or surveys

Employees are typically busy people who don’t have the time to think about their health status. But it is important that you get them to think about their health before it becomes neglected for too long. The best way to do this is by designing and issuing customized assessments or surveys to all the employees within your organization. These can be generalized surveys that don’t even require the employee to give their name. Use surveys to ask employees their opinions on how to improve your worksite wellness program.  Ask for their honest feedback or use surveys to measure and track employee morale and job satisfaction.

When they submit the survey, you will be able to get an overall sense of how happy and healthy your employees truly are. Then, you will know which areas to improve in the workplace so you can make more of your employees happy.

6. Market local health-related wellness initiatives and events

corporate wellness ideas wellness activities wellness initiatives

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Health events happen in virtually every town and city in South Africa. The problem is many people within their communities don’t realize these events are taking place because they are not well advertised. Make sure all your employees know about these local health events. They could be events or healthy workplace initiatives for nutrition, fitness, marathon running, 5K competitions, and so on. Anything that helps get your employees active in their nutrition and health is something you should market to them.

MiNutrition comes in to ensure awareness is maximized…

7. Provide wellness content for company newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most effective ways in providing wellness content to your employees. Don’t just include a few wellness articles in the newsletter, though. Create a permanent section in the newsletter that is solely devoted to wellness content. This could be content about anything health related such as nutrition, running, walking, healthy recipes, and so on. The great thing about written wellness content like this is that employees are more likely to look at it.

If they’re on their break and want to kill some time, they can read the newsletter and get the wellness information that it contains. Just keep copies of the newsletter in the break room as well as the work area so it is readily available for them to pick up and read. If something in the newsletter appeals to them, they can just take the newsletter home and follow the wellness advice from there.

Mbali has written and continues to write articles about Nutrition for various big publications, she also sends nutrition tips to many of her online subscribers; this is a good platform for any organisation to include their employee’s participation.

8. Collect and distribute employee success stories

Some people tend to believe that something only works if they see or hear about other people’s success at doing it. If they happen to know the person who was successful, that is even better. Employee success stories should be shared throughout the organization because it will help motivate other employees to work hard toward achieving the same kind of success that their coworker did.

These success stories could relate to weight loss, corporate promotions, weightlifting, sporting event wins, or anything else that promotes something successful that an employee did which pertains to their health and wellbeing. Collect as many of these success stories as you can from your employees who can actually prove their success. Then publish these success stories in the company newsletter, website or as an advertisement on the bulletin board in the break room. A bit part of every effective employee wellness program is motivation.

9. Provide materials needed to create a wellness “Wall of Fame”

Competition can often motivate employees to go the extra mile when it comes to their health and wellness. That is why you should challenge your employees each month in an area of wellness that they can work toward. Perhaps you could create a challenge to see who can lose the most weight in a month, or even six months. Just make it something that a lot of employees can participate in and have it relate to wellness in some way. Then, choose one employee that excelled in this area and place their picture on a wellness “Wall of Fame.”

Do this for every employee each time they win a competition. As more pictures get added to the Wall of Fame, more employees will be encouraged to try harder so they can get their name and picture on the Wall of Fame too. In order to be fair about this, give informational materials about the challenges to all the employees in the company. These materials can be separate from the usual memo or newsletter which MiNutrition will provide.

10. Facilitate employee sport or recreation teams

corporate wellness ideas wellness activities wellness initiatives

All employees want to represent their company in some way that makes them proud. A lot of companies create recreational sporting teams in which their employees have the option to participate in. These corporate recreational teams may end up playing the teams of other companies within your area. Although these may not be professional sporting events, companies like to do this to advertise themselves and to simply add a little fun into the lives of their employees.

The sports you choose for your employees to play are up to you. However, if you plan on playing the teams of other companies then you need to choose a sport that is commonly played by everyone.

11. Promote cancer and chronic disease screenings

Nobody ever thinks they’re going to get ill until they do. The best way to fight any chronic is to treat it as early as possible. That is why all employees within an organization need to be encouraged to get a screening done on themselves. People who have an illness don’t typically notice any symptoms at first. A screening will be able to detect whether or not you have it before the symptoms even start.

By promoting screenings within your organization, employees can learn the truth about their internal health and put any worries to rest that they may have about having cancer. But if they do end up having cancer, then they can get the proper treatment early on before the illness spreads throughout their body and becomes inoperable or unrestrained.

12. Market you companies EAP services to help employees better use available services

corporate wellness ideas wellness activities wellness initiatives healthy workplace initiatives

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Develop an Employee Assistance Program, then make sure your employees know about it. Often times, employees have a lot of stress in their lives and it doesn’t necessarily have to relate directly to their job either. They could be stressed from having family problems, psychological disorders, grief, substance abuse problems, alcohol problems or any other problem that affects their mental state.

When employees are affected in this way, it affects the performance of their work at the company. That is why it is crucial that you market the EAP services of your company so that employees who are having psychological issues can get the help they need right away. At the same time, you will be increasing the productivity of your company because those employees will be getting the help they need to become happier and better workers. This can be added on the 24/hr emergency nurse hotline.

13. Deliver onsite fitness classes or other wellness initiatives

Depending on the size of the organization; A company that truly cares about the physical well-being of their employees is one that makes onsite fitness classes available to them. Studies have shown that employees are far less stressed on the job after they’ve had the opportunity to exercise. However, the problem is that not everyone is experienced at exercise and fitness so they never attempt it. By having fitness classes available at the workplace, employees can quickly get experienced at how to exercise properly.

This will build their level of knowledge and confidence towards fitness so they can get healthier and in better shape. The best part is they won’t have to travel very far to get to the classes because they’ll be available right in their work building. Employees can go to them either before or after work. If capacity allows, just make sure you have an onsite fitness classes available to accommodate the employees who work all different shifts.

14. Assess employee ergonomics

corporate wellness ideas wellness activities wellness initiatives healthy workplace initiatives

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How efficient are your employees in their work environment? Every company has employees who are either underproductive or over productive in their positions. Since you are investing money by hiring your employees, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. The best way to do this is by assessing the productivity of your employees in their given positions. Are they meeting their quota for the amount of work produced?

If not, is there another position within the organization where you can move that employee so they can be more productive? Assessing these ergonomics of your employees is not only good for the company, but it improves the engagement of the employee as well. Employees that aren’t performing well might just be bored or unsure of the work they’re doing. Putting them in a better position that they’re comfortable with will make them better workers and increase company productivity at the same time. These decisions can all be made based on the data from the ergonomic assessment.

15. Integrate Health Coaching

Health coaching is something that more companies are starting to use to help manage the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. Some people just have a hard time reading about health and wellness or watching videos on it. The only true way they’re going to learn is by having a real health coach in front of them. The job of a health coach is to guide people on how to make healthier choices in life.

These could be choices that pertain to food, exercise, finances, friendships and so on. However, these aren’t just going to be temporary choices. Integrative health coaching is what your employees will need in order to make long lasting changes to their health behavior. In other words, health coaches will teach your employees how to make lifestyle changes that they’ll maintain long after they’ve left the company.

16. Coordinate a tailored health screening

Employees often neglect to get physicals done on themselves by a qualified doctor. The only time employees typically get physicals is when they’re first hired into the company. After that, they may stay with the company for years and never get another physical. Meanwhile, their health could be deteriorating by the day and they may not know it. That is why a health screening program needs to be available for employees which can test them for a variety of health problems and ailments.

This health screening process should test an employee’s blood pressure, BMI, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, bone density, Hemoglobin A1C, hearing, cotinine, lung spirometry for asthma or COPD, and mammography. You could make these tests mandatory for employees to get on a yearly basis, or just have them readily available for any employee who wants to get these tests done: MiNutrition has a mobile service to accommodate all industry needs.

Mobile Services

For those businesses whose services are remote such as the mining and the construction site which may require a mobile service, MiNutrition offers a mobile solution for either the wellness activities or the occupational health assessments which are fundamentals and a requirement of Labour Department in terms of the Health and Safety Act to ensure that all employees are fit and proper to execute their task.

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