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Anyone can search the internet for answers relating to their nutrition questions. Unfortunately, the internet is full of false health gurus that sell all kinds of diets, diet plans and products especially for weight loss.  Well, the truth is when you must remove that very painful tooth you don’t google “How to remove an aching tooth at home” … you go to the dentist (teeth doctor). Why then if you want to lose weight, you google “what to eat or drink to lose the weight”?

According to the latest South African Demographic and Health Survey, almost 70% of local women are either overweight or obese. The country has the highest rates for women in Africa. The truth is every second woman you meet is struggling with weight so the market for products for “weight loss” has grown tremendously and that means more of these products and fad diets everywhere.

The Masterclass is not a weight Program, it is a platform where the food & nutrition expert (dietitian) engages with people on a variety of nutrition related topics.


The Nutrition Masterclass is to empower people with evidence-based nutrition information for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diet. It can be someone who wants to lose weight, simply want to live a healthier life, someone living with chronic diseases of lifestyle (e.g. diabetes) or just want to help relieve constipation (because life happens).



  • To educate people so they can make evidence-based nutrition decision
  • To debunk myths
  • To share easy, nutritious and fun meal ideas for everyone (kids and adults)
  • To bring a nutrition expert to people’s reach

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the fundamentals of food classification (Carbs, protein, fat & energy)
  • Learn about the principles of weight loss and how to apply them in daily life
  • Lose weight faster through nutritious, balanced Meal plan
  • How to save money (healthy eating is not expensive)
  • Brain health (improve productivity at work and school)
  • Improve immunity and energy levels with right foods and nutrients
  • Nutritional Supplements (Multivitamins, Vitamin C, omega 3 and others)


Nutrition Masterclass programme in details:

Weight/Fat Loss & Fitness

  • Principles of fat loss (calories & sugar)
  • How to determine your optimal intake
  • How to track calories the right way
  • The perfect pre-& post workout meals
  • How to adjust your diet for weight loss
  • How to adjust your diet for fitness

Diet Trends:

  • Gluten Free
  • Low Carb
  • Veganism
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Shakes (weight loss shakes)
  • Banting
  • Blood type diet

Health & Immunity

  • Gut health (Fiber, constipation, bloating and all)
  • Vitamins & minerals supplements
  • How to read Nutrition labels (Food labelling)
  • Takeaways in relation to health
  • Healthy snacks
  • Shopping tips & advise
  • Salt story
  • How to boost your immunity
  • Brain nutrition
  • Ways to help regulate hormones (Testosterone/ Oestrogen)
  • Men’s health (nutrition for best vitality & performance)
  • Women’s health (what’s important)

Common Diets questions & myths

  • Eggs & cholesterol
  • Fat is bad for you
  • Sugar is a drug
  • Meat cause cancer
  • Cheese & dairy must fall
  • Carbs are bad for your health
  • Small frequent meals help boost metabolism


Date: 02 March 2019 (Saturday)

Time:  3 hours with short breaks and activities in between

Venue: Secrete upmarket location (TBC upon booking)

Fee: R650.00 pp

{Includes: Presentation of masterclass by dietitian – Mbali Mapholi, goodie bag, Online material, for life access to the dietitian for questions, queries & quick advice, activities e.g. cooking demo, and entry to the on the day Competition}

Mbali Mapholi is a registered dietitian at Mbali Mapholi Inc. which is a practice for private practicing dietitians in South Africa. Mbali has qualification in the dietetics sector and business sector. She is a published dietitian with a variety of online publications, she considers herself a nutrition advocate (advocates for healthy eating, frequently debunks nutrition myths). She frequently advocates for nutrition at the various radio stations such as Metro FM, SA FM, Kaya FM and others.  Mbali believes in simplified science-based nutrition evidence, she calls it the kind that even her grandmother can prepare in her mud kitchen on the open coal fire.  Mbali is also a social entrepreneur and is currently involved in several organizations that aim to improve people’s life. Her vision is to see a nation that can meet its sustainable development goals by 2030 particularly the 3 goals: No poverty, Zero Hunger & Good health and well-being, and Responsible consumption and production.

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