MiNutrition South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a wellness company that was founded in 2015. MiNutrition South Africa specializes in offering science based wellness solutions for individuals and Organizations, with the fundamental goal to provide well researched health care and scientifically approved wellness solutions that aim to improve quality of life whilst enhancing productivity.

The terms “Health and Wellness” are used interchangeably; However their meaning differ drastically: HEALTH is a state of being, whereas WELLNESS is the state of living a healthy lifestyle.

Aiding on the fight against the Coronavirus spread

Disinfecting Services

Our disinfecting services is in line with the recommended standards by the WHO; we use the fogging technology to disinfect all areas, with us you can be certified pest-free after effectively disinfect. We also offer deep cleaning which will eliminate hidden bacteria.

  • General office maintenance; Industrial areas ;Constructions areas ; Mining sites; Commercial buildings and house holds.

From R8.00 per m2

KN95 Disposable Mask

  • Ultimate Antimicrobial Protection

    The Mask’s unique trapping function can trap viruses such as H1N1 & SARS. The mask provides a Viral Filtration (VFE) greater than 99% while the Bacteria killing function has also been tested to kill over 99% of Bacteria on contact*


    • The high BREATHABILITY is the biggest advantage

From R38.00 each.

3ply Disposable Face Mask

 light weight and easy to breathe, disposable 3 PLY face masks, is intended to cover the nose and mouth in order to minimise the incidence of cross infection of airborne infective bacterial agents generated from the respiratory tract, features the following:
     • An adjustable soft aluminium nose   • 100% Latex free ear band loop prevents irritation    • Hypoallergenic due to the polypropylene synthetic material preventing        allergies     • Glass fibre free     • Automatic ultrasonic bonding adds to the cleanliness of the mask         • A 3 pleat triple layer construction provides stronger support to the mask.

From R6,50 each.

Well researched wellness services

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